Nowadays, increasing trend of establishment of different industries and factories and considering environmental principles leading to application of novel industrial cleaning methods.

In this realm, the ZAGROS SANAT ARKA company has provided mechanized industrial cleaning services by development of novel equipment. This equipment is applicable in industries of steel, iron, cooper, cement, different mines and factories, and etc. based on the available requirements. Some of this equipment is powerful vacuum system, street sweepers can be installed on the vacuum system, and water jet machine. This equipment can be used in the mentioned different industries, mines, and factories for melting, casting, lime, and pelleting units, sheds, warehouses, conveyor belts, effluent ponds, cooling towers, streets and roads. Note that, the equipment has potential to collect various types of solid and fluid materials in maximum height of 100 meters, depth of 50 meters, and horizontal length of 400 meters.

From environment point of view, these vacuum systems equipped with filtration facilities to filter materials in Nano scale. This methodology protects of environment by preventing of dust propagation in air sides.

industrial cleaning supplies

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industrial cleaning supplies