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ZAGROS SANAT ARKA company has started its activities in case of manufacturing and providing various types of industrial vacuum systems utilizing experienced experts. The company has also provided contracting services for various types of Industries by employing powerful industrial vacuum systems.

Charging and discharging various catalyst types
Industrial cleaning of factories
Repair of various types of machine tools
شرکت زاگرس صنعت ارکا


ZAGROS SANAT ARKA company has been stablished by Engineer Rasoul Nabati Aryan (chief executive officer) based on 15 years of knowledge and skills of native experienced experts, since 2014.

The company is one of subsets of NASIM SEPIDEH BAHARAN holding (the holding works more than 30 years). More than 2000 persons wok in the holding.

From the beginning, company activities have been divided in three main branches of manufacturing products, commerce, and providing specialized industrial services.

Some services provided by the company can be mentioned as specialized services for petrochemical industries (catalyst handling, discharging tanks and overhaul) and mechanized industrial cleaning services for factories of steel, copper, aluminum, cement, mines, and etc.

In branch of providing services, the company has established an effective step in providing specialized services by mechanized equipment (considering country independence on foreign companies, job creation for native experts and following environmental principles).


Products of ZAGROS SANAT ARKA company

In branch of products, research and development (R&D) and commerce units are considered as two powerful tools of the company.

The R&D unit of the company successes in manufacturing various types of industrial vacuum systems applying expert persons in field of assessment, design, fabrication and implementation of many similar products. The fabricated systems can be listed as follow:
Vacuum Truck
Vacuum Loader
Stationary Vacuum
Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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