Catalyst Drain and Charge reactor

Discharging and cleaning of reservoirs, ponds and channels

Operational team of ZAGROS SANAT ARKA Company is ready to provide mechanized services for cleaning of reservoirs, ponds and channels containing petroleum and non-petroleum sludge, using powerful high technology facilities.

Important facilities that frequently used in this domain are anti-explosive vacuum robot, truck, and monitoring systems. These facilities have been designed, fabricated and developed by R&D team of the company.

Anti-explosive vacuum robot

The anti-explosive vacuum robot has been made based on the hydraulic systems. This design method leads to its application with the highest safety in indoor zone including explosive granular, fluid, and gas materials. Moreover, the robot comprised of anti-explosive webcam, projector, and water-jet in order to monitor indoor zone, inject lubricant fluid, respectively. The robot is easily controlled by wireless joystick.

It must be mentioned that application of this robot eliminates employment of operators in dangerous projects such as cleaning of tanks with hydrocarbon sludge and increasing situation of Lower Explosive Limit (LEL).

Anti-explosive vacuum truck

The Anti-explosive vacuum truck made by the company is able to collect petroleum and non-petroleum sludge with high density. The truck in accordance with its anti-explosive vacuum pump, powerful diesel engine, programmable logic controllers, material storage tank, and water-jet is the most applicable system in order to fast and easily collect of various types of sludge and wastewater.

Monitoring systems

The monitoring system is applied in some projects with no visible sides (discharging and cleaning of wastewater pipes and closed channels) in order to monitor physical safety of the pipes and channels.

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