Catalyst Drain and Charge reactor

Charging and discharging of various types of reactors

Charging and discharging services of various types of reactors

The ZAGROS SANAT ARKA Company provides the following services to refining and petrochemical industries by

means of process knowledge of its experienced managers and experts, and its advanced and safe equipment.

Discharging services of various types of reactors

Operation team of the ZAGROS SANAT ARKA make it possible to discharging various types of reactors (Fix bed, Tubular, and Helical) with high speed and accuracy using powerful industrial vacuum systems.

The powerful industrial vacuum systems have been designed, fabricated and developed by engineer team of the company. The systems have been then optimized based on requirements of industries. Some advantage of the systems can be listed as follow:

  • Collecting of various types of explosive catalysts
  • Vacuum power of 9000 to 12000 m3/h.
  • Discharging of materials without dust and filtering of the materials in nanoscale.
  • Fast discharging of various types of catalysts, ceramic, aluminum, and packages with various sizes and densities.
  • Discharging of various types of tall/deep reactors.
  • Intelligent control of the process in order to increase system safety.
  • Placing of the system far from reactors.

According to the company vision of environmental protection principals and speed increment of performing projects of discharging of catalysts, the company has developed cyclone hopper. Some advantages of the hopper can be mentioned as:

  • Continues Packing of discharging materials into big bags, barrel, and etc. without stop the vacuum cycle.
  • Continues Packing of discharging materials without dust propagation.
  • Prevention of pollution of operational zone.
  • Providing of nitrogen cycle for discharging materials in order to safely pack of explosive materials.
  • Use of vibrator element for easy and fast discharging of materials.
  • Packing of materials and catalysts up to 400 liters per minute

One of important issues in operational projects is to provide safety of expert operators. Hence, the company provide rescue team in operational projects. The team support the highest safety facilities for operational persons such as Life Support System (LSS). The LSS potentials are:

  • Monitoring of indoor zone
  • Respiratory control of operators.
  • Making of radio connection with operators.
  • Detecting of hazardous gases and providing of warning alarm in increasing situation of Lower Explosive Limit (LEL)
  • Recording and saving of all conversation, videos, and audios along operation.
  • Possibility of vibration alarm in operator’s helmet while the radio connection is lost.
  • Equipping of operators with two separated oxygen lines to apply in conditions of no main oxygen lines.

Charging services of various types of reactors

According to type of reactor, catalyst, and time limitation, various methods of reactor charging are presented as follow:

  • Sock Loading
  • Dense Loading
  • Semi-Dense Loading

It can be mentioned that operational team of the company is ready to charge of various types of reactors (Fixed Bed, Tubular, and Helical) by means of high technology equipment.

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