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Discharging and charging Shazand Petrochemical Complex EO / EG Reactor Unit

charging Shazand

Project description charging Shazand


The catalyst replacement project of EO / EG unit reactors charging Shazand (ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol) in Shazand Petrochemical was carried out by Iranian experts for the first time without the participation of foreign companies in less time having no incidents.

EO / EG reactors are complex, sensitive and remarkable reactors in the process industry. Catalyst discharging and charging must be performed under complex instructions as well as in environment with no humidity.

In this project, portable and fixed vacuum loaders were applied to discharge the reactor tubes.

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Sandblast operation


The project was planned to be performed within 14 days but came to the end out in 12 days by Zagros Sanat Arka team effort. Carrying out this project caused preventing the outflow of million dollars foreign currency from the country. The last overhaul of the same reactors was carried out by CR India for more than 17 days.

In this project, the top and bottom caps of all four reactors were removed firstly. Each reactor had 5523 pipes. The operations team evacuated the reactor tubes first. the evacuation operation was planned to be done in 4 days, which ended with the accuracy and speed of the executive and management team on the third day of the project.

Proper charging of catalysts

After complete discharge of the reactor tubes, hydraulic testing was performed to identify the tubes that may be leaking. In this test, the pressure of the loose part (reactor shell) is increased up to 80 times. After confirming the hydraulic test, the sandblasting operation of the tubes began, after which the technical inspection team inspected the sandblast pipe assembly.

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Sandblast operation charging Shazand

Defective pipes were identified and connected. After receiving the final approval, Zagros Sanat Arka Company made the reactor catalysis using a dense loading device.

In the last step, the DP test was used to ensure the catalysts were charged correctly.

A dynamic flowchart program was implemented to manage the project and give great order to the operations team.

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Proper charging of catalysts

Applied Equipment:

20 and 8 bar compressors to evacuate tubes and sandblasting and foam shooting operations.

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Dehumidifier of 8-bar compressor output current (in order to prevent moisture from entering the reactor tubes after sandblasting operation)

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