About Zagros Sanat Arka Co.

Offering specialized services to filter and petrochemical industries including catalyst handling, drain tanks and containers and providing mechanized industrial cleaning services to industries such as steel, copper, aluminum, cement, mining, municipalities, etc.

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Zagros Sanat Arka Company was established in 1393 with a relying on knowledge and capabilities of expert and domestic experienced personnel.
This company is part of the “Nasim Sepideh Baharan” Holding, which is employed by more than 2000 forces in the holding.
Since its inception, the company’s activities are divided into two main sections of “Products” and ” Professional Services “.

» Products

The “Research and Development” (R & D) and trading units are two capable arm of the company.
The research and Development Unit, by employing specialists in the field of design and empowerment in the construction and implementation of projects, as well as the investigation of many foreign products, has succeeded in making a variety of industrial suckers, including:
The company’s trading unit, with an effective and continuous communication with international companies, has succeeded in obtaining official representation in the fields of:

» Services

In the provision of services with the view of the country’s dependence on foreign companies, employment opportunities for domestic forces and the environmental principles of the company, it is the stage of providing specialized services by mechanized equipment.
Among the services offered by this company to various industries of filter,steel,copper, mines, municipalities,cement and… Can be pointed to the following:

About Zagros Sanat Arka Co.